Whether or not you realize it, local governments across our state are passing nanny state policies that make us more like California and less like Texas. These policies dictate what legal products you can buy, and even whether or not you can use a plastic straw. Don’t let them California our Texas!

Urge your elected officials to reject all nanny state policies and support legislation to preserve individual liberty for all Texans by filling out the form below.

Send a letter to your lawmakers:
fight back against nanny state policy

Dear [lawmaker],

I am a constituent in your district writing to urge you to reject local nanny state policies that restrict my ability to buy, sell, and use legal products in Texas! Our country was founded upon the ideas of economic freedom and individual liberty, but today an increasing number of city and county laws unnecessarily restrict these rights.

Texas has already seen nanny state policies at the local level, such as the plastic bag bans. What’s more, many similar policies are gaining steam, including:

●      Sugary drink taxes

●      Plastic straw and styrofoam bans

●      Red light cameras

●      Unreasonable prohibitions on the sale and use of legal products, such as firearms

Which of Texans’ basic rights will be under assault next?

I respectfully ask you to support any legislation that will minimize or eliminate these nanny state policies and preserve individual liberty for all Texans.

Thank you for your time,

[your name]